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CULTIVATED a compelling story for an all-natural beef company
to entice the right buyer at market.

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Our strategy highlighted their unique business model—which centered on genetic recordkeeping for livestock, and transparent relationships with ranchers. When we took the company to market, the seller accepted an attractive cash deal—and the buyer went on to triple revenues.

BUILT a simple finance structure so that a California bank can provide low-interest loans—and borrowers can build better communities.

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By designing a streamlined, tax-exempt lending model, we helped our client make low-interest, long-term loans more accessible. As a result, more than 100 borrowers to date have built schools, expanded manufacturing plants, created housing for seniors, and made energy-efficient improvements to properties throughout California.

PROTECTED farmers’ interests and preserved their livelihoods by representing the world’s largest cooperative against regulatory and legal attacks.

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When multinational grain corporations sued the largest farmer-owned and -operated cooperative to prevent its members from securing loans for pooled grain storage, our successful strategy and intervention meant farmers could stay competitive in pricing and selling their products.

GAVE HOPE to approximately 5,000,000 Americans living with congestive heart failure by co-inventing a new medical device.

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A Texas biomedical company developed an innovative implant to help treat congestive heart failure (CHF. Together, we co-launched the business, co-invented three of their patented technologies, and completed preclinical studies. The company has since received a $6M investment award—along with grants through the Texas Emerging Technology Fund.

INSPIRED investors to infuse hundreds of millions in venture capital for a technology think-tank.

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By assuming a leadership role in the business, we helped re-energize the development firm that operates the country’s oldest incubator. At the same time, our efforts yielded similar results for the surrounding economies.

EMPOWERED a manufacturing company that helps homeowners and small business owners reduce—or eliminate—their reliance on the electrical grid.

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Operating as board members and C-level executives, we co-launched the company—and developed an IP strategy to protect the business against predatory acts by much larger competitors.